ACRC Instruction

ACRC Training Starts
April 24th 2019 at 4:30 PM

Continues Every Wednesday Night
Weather Permitting

Training will end about September 25th 2019

To be placed on the training schedule or to arrange a discovery flight please call or send an email indicating the type of training you are interested in (airplanes, helicopters, or quadcopters), along with your contact information to:
A Flight Instructor will contact you to go over details.

Under the AMA Introductory Pilot Program a person who is not an AMA member will be allowed to fly with an ACRC AMA Certified Instructor for 60 days from their first flight, This gives you eight available training sessions on Wednesdays. Plus any additional time you can arrange with a Intro Pilot Instructor. Contact individual instructors to arrange training at other times. After the 60 days you will be required to be a member of AMA and have an ACRC membership to use the ACRC Flight Facilities.

Club members - don't forget your membership card

Training Coordinator
Bob Barton Airplane Instruction (612) 669-3789
Lead Instructor
Bob Moser Airplane, Helicopter or Quadcopter Instruction (612) 325-7942
(Phone or Text)
Scott Oleson Airplane
Roger Jeffrey Airplane
Jeff Flander Airplane
Bob Gallagher Airplane
Tyler Ritchi Airplane
Ted Sander Airplane
Joe Van Norman Airplane
Duane Orson Ground School Airplane

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